[labor news] SNNC, a subsidiary of POSCO, accused of union busting

by 홍보부장 posted Jan 11, 2018


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SNNC, a subsidiary of Pohang Iron & Steel Company(POSCO), which manufactures and sells ferronickel is found to have cajoled its unionized employees to withdraw their trade union membership and have urged union officials to cancel the union registration with visits to their homes. It is also known that the company conducted face-to-face interviews with all employees to stop them from joining the trade union. The labor circle pointed out that "the unfair labor practice committed by SNNC has been bred by the 'no-union policy' POSCO." The SNNC Trade Union was formed in October last year.


reported by Lee Eun-young









SNNC Trade Union calls on SNNC to stop union busting and guarantee trade union rights (photo provided by SNNC Trade Union)